We aim to help ukraine to win against death & darkness

Top 7 ICO is a global social media, sharing major crypto updates since 2017. We are from Ukraine, and we cannot stay silent now.

Bucha, Kyiv region by EPA

Graves in Irpin by The New York Times

Irpin, April 14, 2022 by Misha Djos

Irpin, April 14, 2022 by Misha Djos

Little boy near his mother's grave

Vlad, 6, near his mother's grave in Bucha by AP Photo

Ukrainians are suffering

Since russia started an active phase of the war against Ukraine on February 24th, 2022:


children killed

according to the United Nations


civilians killed

according to the United Nations


Ukrainians left or lost home

according to the United Nations


Ukrainians lost their jobs

accodring to poll of Sociological Group «Rating»


Ukraine lost in total

according to the Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy and KSE

Top 7 for Ukraine is a charity initiative providing trusted & hardworking volunteers with funds to support affected Ukrainians.

$900 000+

donated by Top 7 ICO team members


donated by the initiative's donors

Why it’s important


Ukrainians have managed to raise some funds, but most donations are coming from Ukraine itself, and this resource is almost depleted.

Our resources are limited, so we need new backing to keep supporting Ukrainians that are currently in need.

We trust and support several volunteer groups

IT Troops

IT Troops

Civil Resistance and Assistance Foundation

Civil Resistance and Assistance Foundation

Blue Lake Foundation

Blue Lake Foundation

a girl making bubbles near destroyed car

Blue Lake Foundation

your donations impact

as an example – extra $10 000 can provide


servings of food

for civilians, army and territorial defense


servings of food

for people in the affected regions


bulletproof vests

to save the lives of Ukrainian defenders


professional copters

to provide air intelligence and save thousands of our defenders



essential for our defenders and medics to move quickly and safely

partners & donors helping us

Our team & advisors

Bohdan Oboishev

CEO at Top 7 ICO


Bohdan Tatsiuk

COO at Top 7 ICO


Elizabeth Sigorska

Advisor, CMO at IT Troops


Danilo S. Carlucci

Advisor, CEO at Morningstar Ventures


Vladyslav Skakun

Advisor, CEO at ZBS Capital


We are Often Asked

  • How will the collected funds be used?

    All the donations will be collected and distributed by our team to trusted, registered volunteer organizations, that can use the funds purposefully and directly, to provide affected civilians with food, medicines, and shelter, as well as support the army with needed protective equipment, SUVs, copters.

  • How did you choose the mentioned volunteers?

    Selected volunteer organizations are registered and trusted parties, who are reporting their activity properly. We have personally donated through them and followed their purposeful use of funds.

  • Are you open to partnership with other volunteer foundations?

    Sure. We are already discussing partnerships with several other volunteer organizations. So stay tuned!

  • How are you going to report on the initiative’s activity?

    Regarding the flow of funds, everything will be trackable on the blockchain. All spendings will be reported by volunteers and tracked by our team.

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